Anonymous asked: Have You seen her tattoo on her lower back. Its Nelly's nickname.

I haven’t, hmm… Maybe it’s a┬ácoincidence?

Anonymous asked: Is Tae mixed? I hear alot that she's black and asian, some say her mom is asian but theres pics on the internet that her mom is black, im confused lol which is it? or is she mixed in the first place?

She is. She’s Korean and Black.

atasteofkandii asked: OMG!!! I found somebody who feels the same way I do!! I love her shes absolutley beautiful... Most people dont even know who she is! <33 following.

Haha I know right? People are starting to notice her now… Nothing ever stays a secret for long.

Anonymous asked: Do you know Karrueche Tran or Seiko? :) xx

I’m not Tae, but I do know of them… Very pretty ladies. :)

msuniique asked: How did you start acting on TV?

I’m not Tae, but she got her start from modeling.

Naturally beautiful.